Thursday, April 23, 2009

Examples of Voice Over Scripts (Samples)

A friend of mine sent me a few hundred voice over scripts the other day, so I'm sharing them with you here. Once you pick your script, you will need to have the ability to record your voice at your location. Ask friends and family to critique your work so that you put your best foot, I mean voice forward. Once you record your voice over demo, you can always post it on a site like, and also please like my personal page if you would at My DJ website.

Examples of Retail Voice Over Sample Scripts


Design the perfect diamond engagement ring in just minutes. You’ll have the rest of your life to design the perfect husband. Visit “a diamond is forever .com”


Ace Brand lawn and garden supplies are made with a satisfaction guarantee. Because all the talk in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t back it up. Ace Brand.


Introducing Adventure. The daring new magazine from National Geographic. For experience from the serene to the extreme. If you seek out the unconventional way to go, National Geographic ADVENTURE is for you. It’s your complete guide to adventure, with everything from weekend wilderness destinations near you to in-depth accounts of modern exploration and survival. Act now to become a charter subscriber. Only $9.97 for 6 issues. Call now: 1-800-ngs-line.


If you’re ever near Durango, Colorado, you’ll find a road to the sky...where a hundred years ago, men searched for the silver and gold they saw there. There are over one million miles of roads in Alamo territory, all over America. And every day, with every car nationwide, only ALAMO gives you all those miles for free, including a seventy mile stretch along route 550 in Colorado, which takes you to the sky.


To celebrate 15 years of successful cooperation, Alitalia is pleased to offer its passengers the prestigious scarves of the Salvatore Ferragamo collection at an exclusive price. Alitalia and Salvatore Ferragamo...15 years on board together.


Free. Now when’s the last time ya’ heard that? A while...right? Well at American Tire Supply, when you buy one all-weather radial tire, you get another one free! Plus, get a free alignment! Hey, with a deal like this, how can you NOT afford to visit. So hurry on down to your local American Tire Supply, where you can still hear the word free. Subject to dealer participation.


Crystal clear gasoline, for cars that benefit from Premium Gasoline.
Amoco Ultimate. You should expect more from a leader.


You are nobody’s fool, you weren’t born yesterday, you didn’t come down with the rain, and you most definitely did not fall off the back of the turnip truck. No sir, you are one smart cookie, especially when it comes to your car; you know your correct tire pressure, you can find your own dip stick, thank you! And of course, you demand Amoco Ultimate premium gasoline, because you know that your car maker recommends a premium like Ultimate for optimum performance. Are you omniscient? Possessed of a higher intelligence?


Amoco knows how busy you are.
We know there’s never enough time in your day.
We know it’s not always convenient to get your car repaired.
So Certicare will now fix your car at night -- while you’re asleep.
New “Service While You Sleep.” Just call 1-800-4-REPAIR. That’s 1-800-4-REPAIR. Certicare’s “Service While You Sleep.” Only at participating Amoco dealers.


The perfect gift starts with love. For family, friends, colleagues, for everyone who really matters in your life. Ann Taylor loft.


Slip into a hydrotherapy bath or melt under a reflexology massage. Be pampered by AquaSpa, the most luxurious spa at sea.. And to all of life’s little tensions, say bon voyage. For reservations, call your travel agent or 1-800-CELEBRITY.

It’s the look you’re looking for.
Your own unique style.
Visions Solarian allows you to combine color to create borders, stripes, insets, accents.
Unlimited options can make your room brighter, more colorful, more interesting, more personal.
See for yourself.
Call 1-800 233-3823 for your nearest Armstrong Floor Fashion Center retailer.

The Hartford Courant’s got a great new way to shop for a used car. It’s AutoSource ... Connecticut’s used car hotline. Call 522-AUTO from anywhere, anytime, and shop for a used car by make, model, budget, and options. It’s easy. Simply call 522-AUTO and follow the prompts. Auto Source ... Connecticut’s used car hotline. All you need to shop for a great used car.

Listen ... What do you hear? Nothing ... no noise ... digital audio purity ... the new digital audio tape machines from Panasonic will change the way you listen to music ... FOREVER! Sit down, relax, close your eyes, and get ready for the new digital audio tape recorders from Panasonic ... only at AUDIO ASSOCIATES ... There’s no mistaking our sound.


So you finally get that humongous TV with the man-eating speakers that apparently goes with your other twelve blinking boxes. Now where the heck are you gonna put them? No one puts the home in home theater like Audio-One. There’s a sale on now!

Now at Aveda, the present is the future. This holiday season; embrace the millennium with optimism and hope. With special gift ideas for hair, skin, body and lifestyle. Expressing wishes and affirmations for the people you love, through the experience of pure flowers and plants. Awake. Aware. Aveda.

This year, step into a whole new you, with Bally's new Rapid Results membership. Call 1-800-Fitness and transform yourself, for no money to start. Plus get last year's rate. Bally's new Rapid Results membership can be your total fitness solution.

A Sensual Revolution. A Bra That’s There, but barely.
Smooth, soft, unencumbered comfort. Discover it. Nothing feels better. Barely there.

In Manhattan there’s a landmark community filled with historic brownstones and old-world charm. Its name is Chelsea. And in Chelsea, there’s another landmark, one that’s known throughout the world. Its name is Barney’s. With men’s fashions from here and abroad, a trip to Barney’s is like a tour of the fashion capitals of the world. And since it may be difficult for you to see these spring fashions during the day, we make it easy for you to see them at night. We’re open every night ‘til 9:30, including Saturday. BARNEY’S ... where you’ll see the spring fashions that’ll be seen this year in Paris, Rome, London, and, of course, Chelsea.


Benjamin Moore calls it Mellow Yellow. I call it exactly what I wanted. I knew a wanted a warm, comfortable color for my bedroom, but I wasn’t sure which one. A single trip to my Benjamin Moore dealer made it easy to choose.

If you need to escape the daily grind, come to BEST BUY. You'll find tons of games and you can play all you want. Which beats working through lunch. BEST BUY. Turn on the fun.

We did all our own stunts. And we looked great in the close-ups. No wonder the makers of the hit movie XXX picked BFGoodrich tires for Xander Cage’s scene-stealing Pontiac GTO. Whatever you drive, there’s a BFGoodrich tire with movie-star looks and authentic star performance. For more info visit (BFGoodrich. Take control.)

The things that go bump underneath your truck are downright scary. Which is why you need some monsters of your own. BF Goodrich light truck tires are big. They're tough. They're fierce-looking. Off-the-shelf BF Goodrich tires have won more major off-road races and rock-crawling championships than any other. So visit your BF Goodrich tires retailer. And turn your truck into a monster truck. Call 1-877-BFG-TIRE or visit Put some monsters under your bed. BF Goodrich tires. Take control.

Why do more people buy their bikes from Bikes’s USA? Let’s count the reason! One! From 29 dollars to over 2000 dollars, from kids to adults, Bikes USA has over 500 bikes in stock. Two! 90 day low price guarantee. Three! Experienced knowledgeable staff. And finally, the best reason?…the huge savings you’ll find at our ten area stores during our grand opening sale going on now at Bikes USA!

Let the stars shine this holiday season and all year long. Give Biography and save! Get one year for just $18. That’s almost half off the cover price! And Biography has something for almost everyone. Each issue is jam packed with revealing profiles of the famous, the infamous, newsmakers, historical figures, and ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary things. So give the gift that will entertain, engage, inform, and inspire month after month. Call 1-800-666-9264 to order today. Biography. Every life has a story.

We’d like to remind you that whenever you make it a Blockbuster Night, you never need a babysitter, the parking is always free, the atmosphere is as casual as the dress code, and you always get the best seat in the house. So remember, when it comes to a great night with the family -- there’s no place like home. Make it a Blockbuster Night!

Step up to Bolen’s revolutionary One Step Mulching Mower. We called it One Step because when you use it, you never have to rake afterwards. In fact, you couldn’t rake if you tried, because our Mulching Mower has already recycled the extra-tiny grass clippings--mulch--back into your lawn. There, it’s useful as an organic fertilizer. All this simply means that the job is done in 40% less time. So waste no time taking advantage of our nationwide sale. Look for the revolutionary ONE STEP MULCHING MOWER at BOLEN’S dealers everywhere.


Save time, save money, and even help save the environment -- right in your own backyard. How? Bolen’s revolutionary One Step Mulching Mower. At Bolen’s, we knew that if we could just make clippings tiny, they would actually feed your lawn, instead of choking it. So we made a mower that makes tiny clippings, and automatically returns them to your lawn as organic fertilizer. You never have to rake. In one step, you’ve shaved 40% from your mowing time. With BOLEN’S ONE STEP MULCHING MOWER, you save “mulch” more than a few steps.

BOSE - One
Better sound through research.

BOSE - Two
Bose home theater systems customize their sound to fit your room. Choosing anything less just doesn't sound right. BOSE... better sound through research.

3 wires. 2 speakers. 1 easy system. Imagine five-speaker surround sound. Now imagine enjoying much of that same experience without center or rear speakers. And without all those extra wires. Imagine that. The 3-2-1 home entertainment system from Bose. Surround sound without room invasion.

The Borden’s Milk Truck was part of the fabric of American life in the 1950s. In fair weather or foul, yellow and white trucks with the familiar, smiling face of “Elsie the Cow” on their sides would make their rounds delivering the day’s milk. Now, you have the opportunity to own an authentic die-cast metal replica of a classic piece of Americana...the “1950 Borden’s Milk Truck”.

Open up to a fresh new feeling. New Bounce Fabric Refresher sprays odors out of all your fabrics and leaves a gentle freshness throughout your home everyday. Bounce Fabric Refresher. The start of something fresh.


Dazzling the eye with spectacular beauty, these precious, one-of-a-kind all-porcelain ornaments sparkle with a brilliant, hand-applied Swarovski crystal! Featuring romantic hummingbird-and-floral artwork by the renowned Lena Liu. These ornaments are crafted of delicate, creamy-white porcelain that’s hand-painted in a lustrous, iridescent glaze with marbleized finish. Rich, 22-karat gold-accented filigree, graceful golden bands, and etched golden caps with built-in eyelets add elegance to these old-fashioned pendant-shaped ornaments.

You’ve got it all ... a self-assured manner, a distinctive air that sets you apart, understated sporty elegance, clothes to reflect who you are, where you’re going, and what you can achieve. Britches has sturdy lines, and a sporty look for your quest of adventure. In every way, the hallmark of the man of accomplishment. You are the best reflection of your own self-image and Britches is your tradition. Visit us soon at Britches of Westport, Greenwich, and White Plains.

You won’t believe it! 20% off the entire store ... 20%!! Well, you can believe it. BROADSIDE BEDDING AND BETTER SLEEPWARE is having the most spectacular winter sale ever! Bunkbeds, waterbeds, hide-a-beds, sofabeds, and so much more!


Incredible! 20% off everything! Believe it! Broadside Bedding and Better Sleepware Winter Madness Sales ends Sunday, January 28th. So hurry. BROADSIDE BEDDING AND BETTER SLEEPWARE. Route 62 in downtown Bloomington, across from the fire station. Don’t miss it!

During this two-day tent sale at Buck Home Furnishings, you’ll save on furniture for every room in your home. Savings of up to 70 percent, and in addition to the hundreds of items under the Buck Home big top, you’ll find special savings throughout our beautiful showroom. For exquisite furniture at a fraction of the price, don’t miss buck home’s annual tent sale this Friday and Saturday only.

At Burlington Coat Factory, spring dresses are now on sale, at 30-50% off our original prices! And boys’ great looking double-breasted suits are priced incredibly low, just $29.99 to $34.99. In fact, just about everything is on sale. BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY. Sale ends Sunday.

Come to Burlington Coat Factor’s grand openings in So. Plainfield and Garden City. Discover how easy it is to afford famous designer clothes. Terrific men’s wear, super kids, clothes, plus designer shoes, fabulous linens and home furnishings, and the best baby furniture and accessories.

The club that changed everything is once again changing the way the game is played. The most beloved titanium driver in the history of golf has a new look, new technology, and new distance-enhancing features. Great Big Bertha is Back! From Callaway Golf.

The CanoScan FB620P provides 600 dpi scanning of everything from articles to photos and graphics. And thanks to Canon’s design innovations, this performance comes in a remarkably compact package ideal for the desktop.


Canon’s top-of-the-line EOS-1N RS Camera enables professional photographers to precisely capture the decisive movement, with a constantly visible viewfinder image and an ultrafast continuous shooting speed of up to 10 frames per second. Wildlife as Canon sees it.

To excel at digital photography all you need is a brilliant mind, extraordinary sensitivity, unprecedented compatibility and an attractive body. And only one camera has them all..the Canon EOS 10D.

Music mobility meets style with Case Logic’s CD wallets and player cases. Case Logic offers durable storage protection with an upscale look and feel. Made of sleek, high quality materials and enhanced with saddle detailing. Case Logic allows you to take your music and go in style. Case Logic.

If it’s organization that you’re after, then it’s the Casio Pocket Viewer you want. It syncs easily with PCs and even comes with software for Microsoft Outlook. Its unique one-finger action button and easy pen-touch operation makes note taking a cinch. With your choice of 1MB or 2MB RAM, the Pocket Viewer always gives you exactly what you want.

I am not a “size”. I am not a stereotype. I want workout clothes that fit who I am. Champion Woman is a complete line of sport bras and active wear from sizes 14 to 28. Designed to fit real woman like you.


Established in 1983, Chico's began in a small store on Sanibel Island, Florida with Marvin and Helene Gralnick selling Mexican folk art and cotton sweaters. Now, 19 years later, we have grown to over 400 stores nationwide. From our exclusive, private-label designs to our most amazing personal service, Chico's is truly a unique retail environment. When you walk into any Chico's store, you can depend upon the sales staff to coordinate, accessorize, and help you build a wardrobe to suit your needs. We're moving fast, but not without you. Get yourself to Chico's!

At Classic Clothing, the classics are always in style! If you’d love to be a flapper, a rapper, or see yourself in something dapper, come into Classic Clothing. We’ll decorate your mood. We’ll show you mystique, and up-to-the-moment chic. See how far you can go in our classic boutique. We’ve got clothes for dash and looks that sass. Dress for a jaunt or even a haunt. CLASSIC CLOTHING brings out the class ... in you!

You know a toilet’s favorite stain remover is Clorox Bleach. But bleach doesn’t stick to the sides of the bowl where the stains hang out. That’s why we created New Clorox Bleach Toilet Bowl Cleaner, now with twice as much Clorox Bleach, in a gel that sticks to stubborn stains ‘til they’re gone. Leaves the bowl sparkling clean and sanitary too. With a nice, fresh scent. Mm-mmm. New Clorox Bleach Toilet Bowl Cleaner. The bleach that sticks to stains.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. One-step cleaning and disinfecting. Lemon fresh. Bleach free. From Clorox.


Simple as ABC. A. Squeeze the trigger. B. Release the cleaner, no need for buckets. C. Toss the pad, dirt and all. Sparkling clean floors, even wood floors, in half the time. The Clorox Ready Mop all-in-one mopping system. What could be simpler?


During Clover's incredible 1/2 off Great American sale, save up to 50% on all above-ground pools. Choose from 5 spa models priced from $1488 and get early buy specials on vent-free gas logs and fireplaces, plus bars and bar stools. Only at Clover.

In the time you spent visiting a grocery store for milk and bread...someone else is using only a fraction of that time to steal a car. It’s that’s that easy... There’s no door lock strong anti-theft alarm loud enough. Even the police admit that. Your best and only defense...THE CLUB by Winner International.

You gotta see it, to believe it. For a limited time, the whole store is on sale. That’s right, every item is reduced significantly — up to 75% off in some cases. With over 400 camcorders to choose from, our video-recorder department is stocked and ready to deal. And get this, we’ve got over a hundred different computer systems ready for immediate “blow-out.” Its Comp USA’s biggest sale ever! Sale ends Sunday June 18th.

Before you buy furniture from some far away place, check out the deals right here in West Hartford at Connecticut Home Interiors. Every gorgeous piece of high-quality furniture is discounted. Plus, you get our exclusive 5-year warranty. Come visit our 30,000 square foot showroom. Save even more during Connecticut Home Interiors’ storewide Memorial Day clearance sale. CONNECTICUT HOME INTERIORS -- Your furniture connection.


The staff of Consumer Reports goes to work every day and kicks tires. But that’s not all. They kick other things too! They test, shake up, jump on, throw about, use and abuse, play with, plug in, ride on, listen to, watch, wait, and finally -- report. Report their detailed and easy-to-understand findings about everything from instant coffee to instant bonding glues. From VCRs to trenchcoats. From cordless phones to allergy treatments. So let them kick some tires for you. CONSUMER REPORTS.

The Cooper ZR-2XS--Ultra high performance tire. Made to perform on skin pad, the slalom--the track and in the real world. Cooper Tires…Don't Give Up a Thing.

Give comfort and joy. Little luxuries make life sweeter. Holiday gifts, candles, fragrance, body and bath care. Crabtree & Evelyn. Everyday luxury. Beautiful gifts.

Announcing a house guest. Crate and Barrel’s 2000 Best Buys Catalogue is moving in with you, for a year. Because every single one of our Best Buys will be locked in at its current low price -- all year long. So go ahead and make CRATE AND BARREL BEST BUYS CATALOGUE feel at home. At year’s end, we guarantee you’ll be sorry to see it go. Call 1-800-555-1600 for your free copy now.

Could this be the perfect chair? Well, let’s see. A style that compliments any décor. A size that’s big enough to lounge in, small enough to tuck away in a corner. And a price that just might be the best economic news you’ve heard all year. Is “Grace” the perfect chair? Could be. You’ll find it only at Crate and Barrel.


A night at the Opera. The house lights dim. The conductor begins the overture. A great, round sound unfolds. A tenor of incredible presence, beautiful color, well-crafted phrasing resonates. A sensual, rhythmic vocal line unfurls. The staging is opulent, the atmosphere rich. An enormous experience of dramatic value. Bravo. The Lyric sofa. For the Crate and Barrel store near you, call 800:996-9960 or visit

Crayola Color Wonder Markers color only on special paper. So your kids can express their creativity more more places...with less mess. Crayola Color Wonder. It starts with Crayola.

Open up your home to the legendary Cuisinart Food Processor and turn meals into fabulous occasions. Make a sumptuous family breakfast of sliced fresh fruits and sweet pastries. Lunch, dinner or get-togethers? Impress all with an array of hors d’oeuvres, homemade breads, elegant entrees and delicious desserts. The next generation of Food Processors by Cuisinart. Now, savor the good life with family and friends. Cuisinart. Savor the good life.

Discover hand-carved estate furniture, from mahogany dining tables to pine armoires, and much more at Custom Furniture Outlet. Over 30,000 square feet of one-of-a-kind treasures: breakfronts, marble-top commodes, bedroom sets ... the premiere source of great ideas for home decorating. CUSTOM FURNITURE OUTLET.


The more closely you examine the ornaments, the more you will be awed by their breathtaking complexity. Each ornament is designed to enchant from every angle, with a contrast of textured and mirror-bright surfaces that glimmer and gleam with dazzling patterns of light. Each ornament is painstakingly crafted of solid brass and lavishly electroplated with genuine 23kt gold. Their radiance truly captures the wonder and warmth of the holiday season. Each ornament is also designed to stand alone, adding its rich gleam to the candlelight on your mantelpiece or dinner table.

Color Your Prom. The biggest trend in fashion is all about color. Shades that are hot for spring and perfect for prom. At David's, you'll find a rainbow of styles in sizes 2 - 22, ready to try on at perfectly affordable prices! Plus, get all the accessories from head to toe. Express who you are in your favorite color! View more styles at

Dazzling diamonds. Stunning stones. Amazing metals. David Yurman at Neiman Marcus.

Are you a greenhouse or a haunted house? A princess or a pea? Fish or fowl? A movie screen or a mirror? Ruffles or fringe? Fuzz or fizz? A shark or a dolphin? Tin foil or plastic wrap? A garden or a jungle? Ready for spring? Get a catalog. Find a store. Shop online.

Dial A Mattress takes all the stress out of a kid’s move from a crib to a bed. Our special Kid’s First Bed comes with a Nickelodeon Rug Rats sheet, and a Kid’s Gift Pack that includes a pillow designed especially for kids, a waterproof mattress cover, and a special storybook. Call 1 800-KIDSBED. That’s 1 800-KIDSBED.

She can always tell when I’m up to something. So when she’s sees the little box, she’ll give me one of her knowing smiles. Then she’ll open it. Her eyes will widen. She’ll attempt speech. And fail. Tomorrow, she’ll be on the phone to all her friends. Tonight, it’s just us. Diamonds ... beyond all her expectations.


Only the rarest diamond survives the hazardous journey from the depths of the earth to the earth’s surface. About 250 tons of ore must be mined to produce a one-carat diamond gem of this quality. Anything this rare is also deemed to be of incomparable worth. Which is one reason a diamond remains among the most costly of precious gems. Yet, isn’t it worth it for the woman you love? A DIAMOND is forever.

Die Hard Express, only at Sears Auto Center. It's more that battery service, It's a check of your cars electrical system. We use the latest technology to diagnose the problem and if your car needs a new battery, we'll install a Die Hard, Americas most preferred battery. DieHard Express, only at Sears Auto Center. Sears, the good life, great price.

Introducing DIRECTV, an amazing breakthrough that turns your TV into a video store, where you can always get hit movies at the touch of a remote. Through a tiny satellite dish, only 18 inches wide, DIRECTV delivers tons of movies to choose from. The latest releases, well before they’re on the premium movie channels. Check out the affordable 18-inch RCA brand DSS dish and DIRECTV at your Consumer Electronics or Satellite TV dealer. Or call 1-800-353-4388 for the nearest authorized DIRECTV dealer.


Bring home the charms of Pooh and all his friends with this exciting new collection from the Disney Catalog. Each globe is a little world of wonder filled with special scenes of the seasons, such as Pooh and Piglet playing with October pumpkins, or Pooh enjoying a Tigger-ific snowman in December. Each wonderful moment sits atop a finely detailed and hand-painted sculpted base enhancing the theme of the globe. Plus, you’ll receive a beautiful Pooh display shelf as a bonus! To order, simply call 1-800-DISNEY-1.

Tired of playing the mortgage rate game? You know, when you hear one of those ads that promise you the moon, and you call up only to find out that the points are too high and there are hidden fees attached? Well, at there are no games, just low fixed rates with no middle man or broker fees. You can be pre-qualified on-line or over the telephone. There's no advance fees prior to closing and no cancellation fees. Do it now….before the rates go up. Call 1-800-71-fixed.

Dockers Khakis. Women’s flat front. Men’s five pocket. From our premium collection.

Everything they wear deserves to be Downy. It gently helps protect from fading for that irresistible look and comfy-soft feel. That’s Downy Care. Choose from Downy’s five fresh scents, including new lush, exotic Tropical Bloom. Come on in to Downy Care.


So adorable. So great to wear. It could only be Downy Care. Come on in to Downy Care.

Home is a place where serenity and sweet dreams are connected by a flight of stairs. Welcome Home! The Accents Francais Collection by Drexel Heritage. Now, style and quality are affordable. Call us at 1-800-916-1986 or visit our website

Wow, all the excitement of bowling and three balls a frame! There’s nothing like it. DUCKPIN BOWLING gives you ten times the fun at the same low price as regular bowling ... and the ball’s so light, anyone can do it. So come on, let’s go. Bowling was never this great before.

You lose sleep over thread counts. You long for a blender that matches the toaster.
You search for a table that sparks conversation. And choose candles just right for the season. This quest leads you to an extraordinary place. Where the selection is as big as the world. Ebay.

ECKERD (Dracula character)
Looking for some great deals on all your favorite candy for Halloween? Come in now to Eckerd Drug Stores for frightfully good savings on all Halloween candy. Be sure to stock up now at Eckerd before the savings vanish (poof sfx) Ooooh...that’s scary

Never confuse having a career with having a life. If you’d asked Eddie Bauer the meaning of life, he probably would’ve been too busy fishing to answer. Men and women who “have a life” -- or would if they only had a free moment -- may call for a nearby store or catalog of our time-tested clothing. 1-800-555-LIFE.


Eddie Bauer specialized in keeping people comfortable outdoors. But you can’t be comfortable if you’re afraid of getting dirty. Enter Seattle Suede: functional, durable, comfortable and extremely low maintenance. All the comfort and style of genuine suede leather minus the hassle of dry cleaning.

The blue layer breaks down stubborn food stains. The white layer gently scrubs dishes till they shine. Electrasol tabs, the next dimension of clean.

Ericsson lets you e-mail, fax, and surf the internet – without wires. So it works almost anywhere. Want to go wireless? Call 1-800-ERICSSON for the retailer near you.

(Beauty and brains.) Beauty outside, quality inside. One intelligent choice. The ESQ Centurion, with diamonds. Only $295. Available at Hecht's and Lord and Taylor department stores. ESQ Swiss.

The perfect interior ... one that fits your lifestyle best, blending the elements that express your taste and personality. An ETHAN ALLEN trained professional designer can create the ideal setting for your home. Call one of our Studios of Interior Design in Danbury, White Plains, Glenbrook, or Northport.

So the movers are gone and here I am in my house. I remember when my folks took my sister and me to Fairfield Furniture -- so we could help pick out the good furniture. Well, I’ve got my mansion now. It might not be the Emperor’s Palace, but the furniture is from Fairfield Furniture and that’s close enough for me.

Hey, the secret’s out ... The Fairfield Mall is open and ready to invite you to a whole new world of shopping. This Saturday -- opening day -- music and celebration all day long, balloons for the kids, and dancing after dark. THE FAIRFIELD MALL is pulling out all the stops to show you how much fun shopping can be. So be there on Saturday, June 14th.


Dressing down can mean dressing up a little. Or a lot. Either way, it’s a breeze at Fair Oaks Shopping Mall. Because our 48 women’s specialty stores keep you covered from head to toe. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. To give you the looks you want. And second glances, if you want them. Look pretty. Look hip. And look how easy it all is at FAIR OAKS SHOPPING MALL.

Yesterday, my daughter said she’d die if she didn’t get these new shoes everyone’s wearing. Well, if it wasn’t for Fayva, we’d have lost a daughter. See, at Fayva, I can afford to keep up with the latest craze, because they don’t go crazy with the prices. Now she says she can’t live without a new pair of jeans. Oh well -- we’ll miss her. FAYVA SHOE STORE -- You could pay more, but why?

My kids are do-it-yourselfers by nature. That’s why the Fisher Price Action Workshop and Action Tools are designed like the real thing. For hours of constructive behavior with tools so realistic, do-it-yourselfers feel like they really are doing it themselves. FISHER PRICE ACTION TOOLS AND ACTION WORKSHOP ... it’s all in a day’s fun.

There are new forces at work in America today -- creative, inventive and stimulating drives that will ultimately affect the way people think and behave in the world of business. Fortune Magazine is the one source to which individuals can turn for the information that is critical to their success. That source is FORTUNE MAGAZINE.

Capture those best moments of your life, all over again ... with Fotomat’s goof-proof, color-sharp developing system, and drive right up to one of our many convenient drive-thru express windows. Two hours later, your pictures are ready, and we’ll even give you an extra set of prints for just half of the original price. Buy your film and develop it right -- at FOTOMAT. We’re picture perfect!

You wouldn't wear a man's why wear his sock? For years, sport socks have been made to fit one foot shape: a man's. Fox River has changed all that. Fox River for Women socks are uniquely designed with a rounded toe area and flex-stretch heels to fit our feet. "No-feel" toe seams provide luxurious comfort. Extra-soft performance fibers wick moisture to keep feet dry. Stop wearing socks made for men. Fox River offers exceptional fit in a variety of sport-specific styles. FoxRiver...clever engineering you can feel.

This Swiss are known for a few beautiful, quality products: watches, chocolate, and those odd long horns that they play in the Alps. Of course, the Swiss produce many more quality products than these, like the kitchen sink. The unique kitchen sink, by Franke. With great design, great materials and great craftsmanship, it can accommodate anything you might want to put in it ... except perhaps one of those odd long horns they play in the mountains. Get to know Swiss quality everyday in your home -- with a quality, gorgeous new sink by Franke.

The Mighty Dragon. Seemingly invincible, it fears one weapon. For one touch of this enchanted blade would destroy him forever. Now, to recapture the fiery battles of Dragons against mortals, famed fantasy artist Greg Hildebrandt has created “The Dragon-Master’s Dagger”. Atop the hilt are two Dragons lavished with sterling silver and fitted with carnelian eyes. A castle turret, accented with silver and 24 carat gold, is crowned with a magnificent faceted crystal. Beneath the Dragon’s feet are two talismans embellished with 24 carat gold, hand-set with real black onyx and carnelian. The hand guard depicts two Dragons breathing scarlet flames, their heads aglow with the fire of 24 carat gold accents and fine hand-painted enamels.

FTD - One

A surprise gift of flowers says so much! Your professional FTD florist has an arrangement for every sentiment! Say thanks-a-bunch, give a big hug, welcome a new bundle of joy, or lift someone’s spirits! Send a birthday greeting or a get well wish. There’s always a reason to show you care. Call to order a bright bouquet of flowers today!

FTD - Two

Do you know someone who deserves a sweet surprise? Send the FTD Sweet Surprise Bouquet. It’s fresh flowers and M&M candies in a colorful M&M’s bowl. For birthdays, thank-yous, or just because, order the Sweet Surprise Bouquet -- a fun way to share just about any sentiment!

FTD - Three

Has someone special stolen your heart? Send the FTD Treasured Memories Bouquet. A bright bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers, it’s a romantic way to show how much you care, on Valentine’s Day and every day. Send your Valentine your message of love with the FTD Treasured Memories Bouquet.

Now when mom says “Go to your room,” I want to. Kid’s Furnitureland offers one of the largest selections of quality home furnishings to furnish your son or daughter’s entire bedroom. Everything from bunks, beanbags, desks, lamps, posters and beds.

Browse through fabulous bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms...including other numerous selections from The Furniture Store. Plus, fine examples by Baker, Kindel, Henredon and Hickory Chair. Traditional, contemporary, and country upholstery. Carpeting, lighting, accessories and more! All at incredibly affordable prices! Only at The Furniture Store.


Funny how computers can make your life more difficult when their purpose is to make things easier. Well, the problem is you have all these different models and brands of portables that are unable to share components. So you’re stuck with the hassle and cost of maintaining a huge inventory of spare parts. Now here’s the solution. Gateway. Those days of wading through a mess of hardware are over. is good.

What happens when style and intelligence spend time together? You get the GE Profile refrigerator. The freezer’s on the bottom. The refrigerator’s on the top. So the design isn’t just easy on the eyes, it makes all of your fresh food easy to see and reach. On the technical side, it has advanced features like multiple electronic sensors and a multiflow air system to help keep food fresher longer. Why not let your local GE Profile dealer arrange a marriage like this in your kitchen? GE Profile - imagination at work

Unlike traditional training devices that depend on the human at the end of the leash to give a timely correction, the Gentle Leader’s correction is instantaneous, triggered by the dog’s own actions. Just as important, the instant the dog stops the action, the tension is released, and the dog interprets that release as a reward for the right behavior. Voila. Lesson completed.

Howdy folks, Clem the old prospector here to tell you how you can strike it rich, and you don’t even need a pick and shovel, all you need is a Giant Food Store bonus card to start saving with big discounts every day, so come on in to Giant today and get your bonus card.

Introducing Gillette MACH3. The first triple-blade razor. For the closest shave ever in fewer strokes -- with less irritation. Three blades. Fewer strokes. Less irritation. Gillette. The best a man can get.


Don’t just shave. Throw your legs a tea party. Gillette’s New Satin Care Green Tea Shave Gel. It¹s exotic re-energizing fragrance has moisture rich skin nourishing vitamins that leave legs feeling soft and satiny smooth. Legs love Satin.

G-Force. Experience it. The new Gillette Mach3 Turbo G-Force. Total comfort even against the grain. And a bold new look and feel. Gillette. The best a man can get.

New Glade Fragrant Mist provides premium home fragrancing in an attractive spray bottle designed to blend with any home decor. Fine home fragrances, raised to an art form.

Three spellbinding fragrances. One enchanting candle. New Glade 3-in-1 pillar candles. Because three scents are better than one Glade 3 in 1 candles by Johnson – a family company!

For over thirty years Spencer Gift has been the world's leader in Blacklight and Glow-in-the-dark merchandise. This Christmas we will be freshening up you assortment with these new items. Inflatables continue to be very popular with our customers and we will offer three new designs in time for Christmas. A Glow-In-The-Dark Contempo Chair and two new Iridescent Designs in pink and blue, all at $39.99. The room decor area will be expanded with fun lamps. The Silver Mirror Ball Lamp with Laser Design shade for $19.99 and the Virtual Space Lamp for $39.99. Other new Blacklight responsive products include Plush Mobiles at $12.99, Glow Starblast and Rainbow Jumbo Gift-sets both at $19.99.

If you don’t go for one more rep, why bother? (GNC) Pro Performance Distance. Refuel your body.

Does peace of mind have a name? Can confidence and trust be summed up in one word? Can innovation really mean security? In 90 manufacturing centers in 27 countries, Goodyear scientists and engineers are working every day to answer those questions. And to ensure that your family is riding on the safest, most durable tires we can make. Peace of mind does have a name – it’s Goodyear.

Whether you’ve got one left foot or two, Gotta Dance Studios gets them both moving. From Ballroom to Ballet, our teachers are trained to train the untrained -- and to love it. We know that everybody’s gotta dance, and we need every body -- every shape, every size, every age -- all bodies to come on down to GOTTA DANCE and dance. And bring both left feet. Classes start June 1st.

Clark had always wanted to see Candy and Jake hang. And now, framing them would be easy. The fun-loving couple was just begging to be framed. Clark headed straight for The Great Frame Up, the totally unique picture framing shop with a better system, a professional commitment, and an emphasis on fun and satisfaction. Tonight, Candy and Jake would hang ... and he’d enjoy doing it ... thanks to THE GREAT FRAME UP!

God has promised each of us that when we need Him most, His angel - our own special guardian angel - will be there to help and comfort us. That’s what you can be to our kids … a wonderful and precious angel of mercy who is there for them in their time of need. And that’s why I want you to have this beautiful pin, with my thanks. To remind you of all that you give these kids. And of all you mean to me. I never stop praying for you, or thanking God for you!

When you've played a guitar for years, every scratch, ding, and worn-down fret means something. The places you've been, the songs you've sung, the people you've shared your music with. That's what a Guild is all about. Made to be played. Guild Guitars.

After years of rather arrogant indifference your wife’s cat suddenly likes laying in your lap. Possibly the only downside to extremely soft pants. The Ultimate Pant by Haggar. Buy them. Love them. You’ll find a full selection of Haggar Pants at JC Penney.

The Hallmark jingle bear, only $5.95 when you buy three cards. Where? Only at Hallmark Gold Crown. Imagine what's in store.

Visor - What You Make It. Just insert an optional module and your Visor turns into A digital camera, a phone, an MP3 Player or whatever you need it to be. What more could you want from technology? Visit us online for availability.

When designing our New Hanes Classics T-shirts, we started from scratch, literally. Those itchy neck tags have been replaced with ComfortSeal labels that are printed directly on the fabric. So the only thing you feel is Supersoft 100% ring-spun cotton. And it doesn't get much softer than that. Try the full line of Hanes Classics men's underwear, and experience the ultimate in comfort.

Play three sets of tennis. Take two aerobic classes. Or just watch someone else do it. The Hanes Sport bra collection has three different styles that offer you support - no matter what your activity.

I just discovered the most amazing store on the Post Road in Stratford. It’s called Hardware Plus. This is no ordinary hardware store. Hardware Plus is an honest-to-goodness factory outlet. So, not only are the prices and selection incredible, but the people who work there really know hardware. I never get that kind of know-how and service at those warehouse-type home centers or so-called “clubs”. It’s even easy to get to -- right off Exit 59 of the Connecticut Turnpike. HARDWARE PLUS -- You’ll see the difference.

Next time you plan a quiet, low stress evening at home, why settle for candle-light when you can just as easily have firelight -- with a HearthSide Fire Log. Clean-burning fire with no more fuss than it takes to light a candle. And feel the stress melt away. HearthSide Fire Log...put a little hearth in your fire!

A soft kiss. Whispered secrets. Stories told into the blaze of a roaring fire. This moment is perfect. The right fireplace can warm more than just the room. Heat -n-Glo warms the hands and the heart.

Get ready for Hechts “Veterans Day Sale” – For 3 days only get savings up to 60 % off. You’ll find clothes, shoes, jewelry and more – for so much less! Get an extra 15% off when you use your special savings coupons. What are you waiting for – head on down to Hechts where the savings are unbelievable!

Why spend all day fishing on the internet for a rent a car when you could go to Just click to get great rates and special offers. With there's no fishing. At Hertz, we know exactly how you feel so we have exactly what you need.

The prospective client does not see your extensive experience, or your tailored suit. They see streaks running across your illegible proposal. If you’re not using HP toner, you’re not getting HP printing. The new HP LaserJet Ultraprecise toner cartridge. How you look can depend on how you look on paper. Hewlett Packard. Expanding Possibilities.

The gap between cutting edge technology and state of the art design has just become a lot more narrow. Introducing the Hitachi Digital Projection TV.

The countdown has begun for the Hoffman’s Furniture Mart 10-Hour Sale ... this Saturday! They’re throwing the doors wide open for a gigantic 10-hour sale on famous brand names ... with tremendous savings on waterbeds, bedrooms, living rooms, sleep sofas, recliners, dinettes, and more! Hoffman’s 10-Hour Sale is so big ... so wild, that it has to be limited to one day ... 10 short hours ... this Saturday! At HOFFMAN’S FURNITURE MART in Lowell, Hooksett, Rochester, Lebanon, and Seabrook.


Join the excitement at Hoffman’s Furniture Mart this Saturday ... during the Super One-Day Sale ... that’s when Hoffman’s Furniture throws the doors wide open for the wildest bargain frenzy you’ve ever seen. For nine short hours, prices will be slashed on every item throughout the store -- nothing will be spared! Take advantage of the unbeatable savings on bedrooms, living rooms, sleep sofas, recliners, dinettes, waterbeds, bedding, and more -- one day only -- this Saturday! Only at HOFFMAN’S FURNITURE MART -- in Lowell, Hooksett, Rochester, Lebanon and Seabrook.

The Home Depot is more than a store. It's all the incentive you need this President's Day weekend to make it happen at home. Where you can get no payments and no interest for 12 months on any purchase store-wide of $299 or more. Just use your Home Depot or Expo credit card. Whether it's flooring, blinds, or name brand appliances, The Home Depot has everything you need to make a long weekend a productive one. The Home Depot. You can do it. We can help.

The Home Depot is more than a store. It's the opportunity to take a walk on a brand new floor or cook up a whole new kitchen. Because right now you'll get no payments, no interest for a whole year with any purchase storewide of $299 or more. Just use your Home Depot or Expo Consumers credit card. Whatever the project , you can make it happen at home this long weekend. With Zero percent financing and no payments at all for a full year. The Home Depot. You can do it. We can help.

We’re rolling out the ultimate deep cleaning machine with seven rotating brushes. Only Ultra gives you a five-brush rotating head technology and separate powered hand tool with two more brushes for stairs and upholstery. Nobody else has anything like it. Hoover SteamVac Ultra with powered hand tool. No family should be without one.

It’s a dirty shame… You almost have to PUMP IRON just so you can push your vacuum. Until Now. Introducing the Self Propelled WindTunnel Bagless by Hoover -Now WindTunnel Technology pushes cleaning to the limit, while you hardly push at all. In fact, the Self Propelled WindTunnel Bagless picks up more dirt than any other upright.. Period! It has other strengths, too. Like the convenience of being bagless. And a Powered Hand Tool for cleaning stairs and furniture.


Attractive, reliable, powerful vacuum cleaner seeks closet to share. Will keep your place cleaner than you’d ever imagine in exchange for a place to stay. Call Hoover Vacuum Cleaners at 1-800-555-3435, for the best housemate you’ve ever had. I’m rated Number One. Don’t miss an opportunity for a relationship that could last a lifetime. We could experience true clean living -- together. Call me -- Hoover. Attachments optional, but desirable. HOOVER VACUUM CLEANERS. Clean living. Forever.

Important moments should be remembered always. The gift of a finely crafted Howard Miller clock will bring back the memories again and again. Share the moment...with a Howard Miller clock.

This holiday season, forget decking the halls. Why not deck the windows? Hunter Douglas Window Fashions can warm up your home for the holidays. No matter what your style, Victorian or Southwestern, Colonial or Contemporary, Hunter Douglas has the right shades and blinds for you. Visit our website at for helpful decorating ideas or call: 1-800-486-8373 for participating dealers near you. Hunter Douglas Window Fashions.

The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of power and elegance. [chuckles] I didn't even know they were dating! Presenting the new ibook Special Edition. Black tie optional."


It may be because it's only one inch thin. Or, it weighs just 5.3 pounds. It may be because it has a 15.2 inch screen, or is supercomputer fast. It may be because it's made out of titanium. But, you know, whatever it is, you're just going to so want one. The incredibly thin, ultra-light, mega-widescreen, titanium portable supercomputer. The ibook.

At Ikea, we are obsessed with keeping things flat. We make most of our furniture so that it can be flat packed. Our storage and transportation costs are much lower because we don't transport air. And, because we get big discounts that we can pass on to you. IKEA now in Paramus and Long Island.

Now that imac has brought the internet into millions of homes, the question is, do you change your decor to match your imac, or do you change your imac to match your decor? That's the conundrum.

As long as there’s a Third World, there will never be one world. By meeting women’s critical need for family planning services in a developing world, we would see a marked improvement in the quality of life for all. Access to voluntary conception, health care and sex education, would allow women to space pregnancies apart and plan the size of their families...leading to better health, more educational opportunities, and reduced pressure on our planet’s natural resources. Help make a world of difference. Support International Family Planning.

No place on earth can bring relaxation unless you know there’s peace at the office. Introducing the world’s first handheld global satellite phone and paging network. Now your wireless service can cover the earth. Iridium. Calling Planet Earth.

A collection so Paris, Milan and the New York Strip. With its award-winning flush design and appealing features, the Jenn-Air Expressions Collection is perfect for those who appreciate great style as well as great cooking.


Classic horseman’s duster protects you, your rump, your saddle, and your legs down to the ankles. Because it’s cut very long to do the job, it’s unintentionally very flattering. With or without a horse. Although I live in horse country, I wear this coat for other reasons. Because they don’t make Duesenbergs anymore.

After decades of creating the world’s finest sound systems, JBL introduces an exceptional, multi-function system on one snazzy little chassis for less than $400. Introducing Harmony by JBL.


Perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to find the right person to spend your life with. You may have even purchased a home together, and endured the trials of parenthood. And if you’re lucky, she is still your very best friend. Maybe on your anniversary she expects nothing more than a card and dinner, and maybe that’s why she deserves a diamond. A gift of diamond jewelry from Jewelry Designs on her anniversary. Ahhh…maybe she married the greatest guy around.

Save up to 80 percent by buying factory direct at the Jewelry Source in Fort Lee. Diamond Tennis bracelets are just $200 per carat. Diamond studs are $400 per carat. Anniversary bands are also just $400 per carat. The Jewelry Source imports their diamonds direct from site holders, and is the leading manufacturer of semi-mounts, anniversary bands, earrings, tennis bracelets, and invisible settings. Only the Jewelry Source gives you both a low price and double value guarantee. That’s the Jewelry Source in Fort Lee. (201) 302-9700.

The JC Penney Half-Day Clear Away Sale is tomorrow ... with items thirty to fifty percent off. Don’t miss it. Doors open at eleven a.m. ... Tomorrow only, at JC PENNEY.


JC Penney is pleased to announce a radical innovation for your home. The first wrinkle-free, 100% cotton sheets by Classic Traditions. Their special design allows them to fit today’s fuller mattresses. Just look for wrinkle-free sheets and a whole lot more. Right now, during the JC PENNEY White Sale, where you’ll uncover great savings on almost everything for your home.


A classic never goes out of style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add more style to a classic. Introducing Hunt Club’s new fall line for men and women. Casual classics with contemporary style.. Like our crisp cotton pants in rich autumn hues and our twill riding jacket with a more refined silhouette. Hunt Club for fall exclusively at JC Penney. Where the classic have never had more style.

There are six words a woman wants to hear. It’s the JC Penny annual Jewelry sale!

JC PENNEY - Sweet Sale
Sweeten your holidays with free chocolates, and 20, 25 or 30 percent savings store wide at the JC Penney’s sweet sale, Saturday only. Arrive early to find out what’s behind your wrapper. It’s all inside, unwrap the magic. JC Penney.

Your brain has 2 sides. The right side: creative, buys things, has fun. The left side: organized, practical, saves money. Now JC Penney makes both sides happy. It's the buy more, save more sale. It's simple, the more you buy, the more you save. 20 to 30%. So use your head. Buy more. Save more. Only at JC Penney.

JC PENNEY - Father's Day
Time to appreciate Dad! With a JC Penney Father’s Day Sale. Save on all sports shirts, including the St. John’s Bay Classic Polo, 2 for $20. He can never have too many. JC PENNEY.


On April 25th, the one-day sale at Jordan Marsh may be the one and only one-day sale in a virtual sea of sales. Even though you won’t be the only one at the one-day sale, you could be the recipient of a once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity. Because everything is on sale -- 20-50% off -- in this one spectacular store. But just because it’s a one-day sale and you are just one person, you won’t be banned from buying more than one item. We will let you have more. Just this once. One sale. One day. And the one and only you. The one-day sale at Jordan Marsh is April 25th.

Just a spoonful of Ultra Joy Dish Liquid & Antibacterial Hand Soap cleans a sinkful of dishes. That’s because Joy lasts so long. In fact, you’d need twice as much of your old liquid to soak through the toughest grease. Plus it kills germs on hands. That’s one powerful little spoonful, and that’s the real Joy. Joy...the little spoonful that does a sinkful.


Introducing Feeling Beautiful new intimates from Just My Size Featuring pretty panties and shoulder massage bras. Just My Size fits who you are.

To play with the world's best, you have to train. And train. And train. Ready for all that? Get serious. K-Swiss.

So, I’m just hanging out at home, ya know, watching the tube, when the phone rings. It’s my best friend reminding me that tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day!!! I feel the sweat begin to drip off my palms as I realize ... I’m dead!!! No money in my pocket, no gift in my hand!!! “Wooo,” says my friend. “Don’t sweat it -- check out Kay Jewelers. They have thousands of gifts to choose from that won’t dig deep into your pockets.” So, I say to myself ... Good thing for KAY JEWELERS ... Good thing for my friend.


What size Keds were you wearing when they stopped delivering milk, when you got too big to be carried, when your mother was the prettiest woman on earth? What size Keds will you be wearing when the first of your friends gets married? And, what size Keds will you be wearing when a woman walks on Mars? KEDS. Never stop growing.

Barbecues are corn on the cob, elbows on the table, and fire flies in a Mason jar. And, there’s just one thing we want to change about yours. Improved Kingsford Charcoal. It cooks twice as fast as other charcoals and burns even longer. New Kingsford. It’s the only thing we’d change about your barbecue.

Perfect for race cars, downhill skiers, and kids learning to fly. KODAK MAX Versatility Plus film gives you clear, sharp pictures in all conditions, even fast action. So even if his childhood flies by, at least it won't all be a blur. Kodak. Share Moments. Share Life.

You finally captured the perfect smile. Now you can erase the 20 bad ones. The Kodak Digital Camera gives you an immediate preview of your pictures so you can save the ones you like, delete the ones you don’t. Simple Computer Connection, megapixel quality. The difference is KODAK digital. For more information visit us on the web at or call 1-800-KODAK-22.

I’m not into light meters. I’m not into lens filters. I just want to take a picture. Kodak’s maximum versatility film for better-looking pictures in sunlight, low light, action, or still. Kodak Gold Max. It’s all you need to know about film.


Few stories have captured our imagination like Sea Biscuit, and nothing captures the Spirit Of America like Kodak Black and White Film. Celebrating the moments... and the memories. Kodak is proud to share the inspiring true story of Sea Biscuit. Make any picture a classic with Kodak Black and White Film.

This year, Kodak has a new gift for keeping Christmas. It’s the new Pocket-10 -- the littlest, lightest Kodak pocket Instamatic camera of all. Yet the big, sharp pictures it takes are bigger than the camera is. The POCKET-10 is also the lowest-priced KODAK pocket camera. You can wrap it up for less than $23. Only from Kodak.

KOHL’S - One
The best part of Thanksgiving is the day after! The KOHL’s After Thanksgiving Sale! Save with Early Bird Specials, Friday, from 6 to 11 a.m. Take an extra 15 percent off of diamonds and gemstones, already 60 percent off. Save 50 percent on frames. And Kitchen Aid Classic stand mixers are just 144.99. The KOHL’s After Thanksgiving Sale. Starts this Friday at 6 a.m. Now that’s more like it!

KOHL’S - Two
Dad’s always looking out for you. Now it’s time to look out for him! Come to Kohl’s 2-day Father’s Day Sale, Friday and Saturday only, starting at 8 AM. Save on hundreds of items storewide, like solid color polos, men’s swimwear, and golf apparel. KOHL.”s.

Don't you just cringe when you have to shop for a swimsuit? Seems like they're never exactly right. Like whoever designed them had some leggy supermodel in mind. Which is why Lands' End Swimwear is such a relief: it's made for real women, not fashion models.

So sexy, it’ll make you want to cheat on your sofa. The Camilla Chaise.
LazyBoy, the new look of comfort.

Sexy. Sheer. Luminous. Illuminate your legs and be beautiful, irresistibly sheer. Irresistibly you. SILKEN MIST. Nothing beats a great pair of L’EGGS.

Okay Moms, if you're like me, your kids…well, drive you crazy! "I'm bored," "Can we go to the movies?" "When's Dad comin' home?" Well thank goodness Lego introduced CREATIVE BUILDER. It keeps kids occupied for hours, plus helps them gain creativity while teaching them to develop their skills. Lego, thank goodness

Once ... and once a year only ... Lenox sponsors its annual sale of fine china and crystal. Lenox China ... the choice of brides and admired hostesses, in traditional and contemporary patterns. So take advantage of this sale now ... and bring LENOX into your home.

Helping people see is our calling. It’s what drives us all at Lens Crafters, the ability we have to give people better vision. We all feel that way. It’s who we really are as people. The smile that I get when people try on their glasses for the first time, that’s what it’s all about. Every hour, every day, we’re helping someone see.

Every year, Lens Crafters runs Gift of Sight missions to bring sight to needy people around the world. We change lives with these glasses and the more we collect, the more people we can help. Please bring us your used glasses today.


Its Lenscrafter's best $99 offer ever! Right now get a complete pair of glasses with Dura Lens. The only scratchproof plastic lens for only $99 … the $99 Dura Lens event. This one you don't want to miss. Offer ends December lst.

Right now a complete pair of glasses is only $99 at Lens Crafter. With this offer, we’re making it easier for more people to see. Easier for them to look good, too. The Lens Crafters $99 complete-pair sale is going on right now. Hurry! Offer ends soon.

Every time you use your kitchen or bathroom sink, gunky stuff like soap, hair and grease can clog your drains. And as a plumber, I’ve seen first hand how gross clogged up drains can be. Now you can prevent this clogging with new Liquid-Plumr drain cleaner. Let LIQUID-PLUMR Build-up Remover drain cleaner clear your drains, so you don’t have to be grossed out.

The Literary Guild asks if this sounds like you: “I never read anymore, I used to read all the time.” Or, “I really wanted to read that book before the movie came out.” Sound familiar? Literary Guild makes it easy for you to come back to the pure pleasure of reading. When you become a member, you receive five books for only $2.00 -- that’s it. So never say, “I never read anymore,” again. Become a member of today’s LITERARY GUILD.

L.L. BEAN - One
Fresh air. Blue sky over your head. And miles of river stretching in front of you. Everything you need for a great day outdoors. Of course, having the right gear and clothing doesn’t hurt either. Call L.L.Bean for your free 128-page Spring Sporting catalog at 1-800-All-Bean.


LL Bean clothing and gear have long been designed to help you cope with most every kind of climate, including the economic climate. This fall you’ll find remarkable values at LL Bean. Every item still made to last with our 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Call today for your free catalog.

Yesterday, finding anything at a home improvement store meant searching for hours, getting dirty and lost. People accepted this. Today, there's Lowe's, and there's order in the world. The three-quarter inch bolts are where it says three-quarter inch bolts. Plumbing? Well, that's in plumbing. Friends, this is why logic makes sense. Lowe's. Improving home improvement.

Your home, your ideas, and the freedom to express them. At Lowes we make it easy no matter what you plan to build. We have everything you need. Only Lowes has top choice lumber, prime grade and center cut, with four clean sides for better building. We also have a huge selection of professional grade building materials like roofing, siding and decking, and at Loews we have low prices everyday, guaranteed, that's our promise. Lowes, improving home improvement.

Why is Lysol Spray the best way to help protect your family? Because of what it does: kills the cold bug in seconds... And what it doesn’t do: leaves the sticky film Clorox Spray does. That is why nothing beats Lysol.

Fact: Our wipes have built-in scrubbing fibers so you use less elbow grease. Nothing beats Orange Breeze Lysol Scrubbing Wipes. With built-in scrubbing fibers and the fresh scent of orange oil, our wipes clean better than Clorox Wipes. Life demands Lysol. That's a fact.

MACY’S - One

At Macy’s, we believe style is more than a look or manner. It’s a way of doing business. That’s why when you walk through our doors, you’ll discover special touches that make shopping truly a pleasure. You’ll find a relaxing shopping environment, filled with a tremendous selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories for the entire family. Visit us soon at Macy’s Downtown, Bellevue Square, Northgate, Southcenter, or Aurora Village. MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards welcome.

MACY’S - Two

It’s Macy’s Thanksgiving sale. Storewide savings for the whole family. All women’s coats and jackets...30-50 percent off. All men’s outerwear...25-50 percent off. And all kids’ jackets, hats, and gloves...up to 60 percent off. Macy’s Thanksgiving Sale. All you need for the holidays.

MACY’S - Three
Friday and Saturday, during MACY’S Thanksgiving Sale. Shop early, from 7 a.m. to 11 .a.m. for sensational 4-hour specials. Coats and sweaters an extra 15 percent off, all men’s suits and sport coats, an extra 15 per cent off, boots for her an extra 15 percent off, six-carrot diamond bracelet, one thousand, four hundred eighty nine dollars. Jessica Sanders comforter sets, any size 29.99. Four hour specials, 7 a.m. to 11 .a.m Friday and Saturday, during MACY’S Thanksgiving Sale.

More people buy home furnishings from Marlo than any other furniture store in Washington. Why? Because Marlo has made quality home furnishings affordable for more than a million Washingtonians since 1955.

Every Marlo showroom is set up in professionally decorated galleries, where you can view an entire collection of your favorite styles. We’ve designed complete room vignettes, tastefully accessorized so you can better see how the pieces may look in your home. Marlo Galleries. We’re 8 Stores in One!

At Marshall’s, fragrances that are never on sale at department stores are just $19.99, like Musk de Cartier, which is $55 in department stores. You’ll find Magie Noire, Dune, Bijan, and many more. Men’s fragrances are just $14.99. You’ll find Lagerfeld, Fahrenheit, and lots others. Special fragrances are on sale now at MARSHALL’S.

There’s nothing “every day” about the quality, style, and sheer beauty of Marvin Windows. That’s because each Marvin window is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and engineered to ensure solid, secure openings and closings. So whether you’re building your dream home or remodeling your existing home, Marvin can design a window to fit your vision and your budget. Go see the latest in custom-made Marvin windows and doors in natural interior and exterior settings at Rings End Lumber, and discover the unparalleled quality of Marvin windows and doors first hand. Ring’s End Lumber’s professional consultants will help you choose just the right windows and doors for your home. Let your imagination see the light of day. Visit the Marvin showroom at a Ring’s end location near you. In Darien, Bethel or New Milford, Ct., Or Lewisborough New York. A trip to their place can do wonders for yours.

Sophisticated fashion, unique gifts, distinctive home’s all here in a memorable shopping experience that’s full of surprises...featuring Neiman Marcus and including Filene’s Basement, plus 40 other fine shops and restaurants. Visit Mazza Gallerie, conveniently located on Wisconsin Avenue in the heart of Chevy Chase Shopping District. This holiday season...It’s simply Mazza!

Fat content. Calories. Vitamins. We all know what to look for in food. But what about lawn insecticides? Simple. Just look for the green MERIT icon on the bag. Merit insecticide is a breakthrough insecticide that works at lower concentrations. Hey, you’re paying attention to what keeps you healthy. Pay attention to what keeps your lawn healthy. MERIT. The lawn insecticide that’s easy to live with.

The world has changed. So should the way you learn about it. Get the new Encarta Reference Suite this holiday and get your family up to speed. Get a $30 rebate when you buy the new Encarta Reference Suite 99. See stores for details. From Microsoft. Where do you want to go today?

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I gave up chocolate. I gave up espresso. I gave up the Count ... that naughty man! And his little house in Cap Ferrat. The Waterman, however, is not negotiable. I must have something thrilling with which to record my boredom. Pens write. A WATERMAN PEN expresses. Waterman of Paris. I’ll never give up my Waterman ... never!

(dreamy, fantastical) Imagine a dishwasher from whirlpool that creates new space, with more room for more dishes. Now pots & pans are no problem. The tall tub dishwasher from Whirlpool. Clean more than you ever thought possible. Whirlpool. Just imagine.

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I hate Woodies! I’m the only dog on the block that doesn’t get any love, and I tell you, I’m fed up! It’s just Woodies, Woodies, Woodies ... every doggone day. She never has time for me anymore. When I want to romp in the park -- “Sorry, darling. Mommy has to go to Woodies to buy a new dress.” When I want to play fetch the stick -- “Not now, Canine Cutey, WOODIES is running a sale on shoes.” I thought it was supposed to be a dog’s world out there. If only I were a cat!

Anyone who has ever owned a Zagat survey has been impressed by how useful, accurate and entertaining our guides are. But have you ever considered the possibilities? Zagat Surveys as business gifts, as promotions, or as an expression of gratitude. Zagat Surveys the possibilities are endless.

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Salad as a meal can be simple and fresh. The need for healthy, fresh lunches and fast, easy suppers have turned pasta into the new centerpiece. Aside from being quick, cheap and easy to find, pasta also comes in lots of shapes for those who need variety. Pasta salad’s other key ingredient: fresh vegetables, kept that way with the help of ZIPLOC brand SLIDE-LOC bags.

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Salad as a meal can be simple and fresh. The need for healthy, fresh lunches and fast, easy suppers have turned pasta into the new centerpiece. Aside from being quick, cheap and easy to find, pasta also comes in lots of shapes for those who need variety. Pasta salad’s other key ingredient: fresh vegetables, kept that way with the help of ZIPLOCK brand SLIDE-LOC bags.

Zippo. Use it to start something.

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